We are a long established architectural firm, dedicated to moving with the times. As such we have recently become one of the first practices in Northern Ireland to be qualified as Certified Passive House Consultants with the Passive Haus Insitut in Germany.

Passive homes have been built in Europe for well over 20 years, they are extremely energy efficient and 25,000 homes throughout Europe are proof that they do work.

A passive house has a simple concept of reducing energy use in the home, by preventing heat escaping and by recycling the heat already within the house with a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery System.

Passive Houses can be small or large, and be constructed either traditionally or with more modern timber frame methods. These buildings are highly thermally efficient and typically can be heated with only 10% of the energy required to heat a normal modern house. Estimated energy savings are seen to be around £1,800 per year for an average sized home.

In today's world, with increasing fuel prices, moving towards a more sensible, no-waste lifestyle is an obvious choice. With a passive house, livings costs are reduced and less energy is wasted. The heat generated by laptops, televisions, through cooking and even by children playing, is all captured, saved and re-used.

Construction costs for a Passive House are approximately 10% greater than a typical modern home. This additional expenditure is typically recouped in the first 6-8 years, and over the next 30 years another £50,000 should be saved.

A Passive House is the Rolls Royce of housing, providing a comfortable living environment throughout the year with minimal initial extra cost. The best building fabrics are specified and the resulting home is durable and of high quality.

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