Regardless of when your septic tank/sewage treatment plant was constructed or installed, you require a Discharge Consent under the Water (Northern Ireland) Order 1999. This consent must be obtained from the Water Management Unit of the Nothern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA), an executive agency within DOE. A discharge consent is an important legal document which you will be required to produce if you are selling or remortgaging your property.

If you intend to discharge anything other than clean, uncontaminated surface water to surface waters or groundwater, you must obtain a Discharge Consent from the NIEA. There are circumstances (small volume discharges) where you may only need an exemption to be registered for your property.

In making the application on your behalf, We will visit your site, complete all forms, arrange for percolation testing, provide maps as nessarry and laise with all necessary NIEA bodies to apply for the approvals.

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