The basic requirement of the Water (Northern Ireland) Order 1999, is that the Department of Environment needs to give its permission before sewage or trade waste, or any other polluting substance can be emptied into water ways, or underground strata (including site drainage liable to contamination) from commercial, industrial or domestic premises.

Domestic Consents

Consent to discharge waste from a single domestic property will include conditions relating to the quality and quantity of the waste discharge. The conditions are drawn-up to ensure that the receiving waterway or the underground stratum can absorb the discharge.

Domestic Discharge Consents - in detail

Industrial/Commercial Consents

Industrial/Commercial Consents are assessed by a team of professional scientists and administrative staff. The consents include conditions which specify the quality and quantity of the discharges and to ensure that the waste can be absorbed by the receiving waterway without affecting the quality of the aquatic environment, or breaching national or European Commission (EC) standards.

Industrial/Commercial Discharge Consents - in detail


Integrated Pollution Control is intended to promote a more integrated approach to environmental protection by considering releases to all three environmental compartments (air, water and land) together. An IPC authorization replaces any existing consents covering releases to these media. Discharges to sewer will additionally require a trade effluent consent from the EHS.

IPC (Integrated Pollution Control) - in detail

Water Abstraction - in detail

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